Mission Statement

The BES enables Egyptian and British people in the UK to exchange ideas and knowledge, and to improve understanding, of the history, culture, arts, music, literature, religions, beliefs and practices of Egypt.


Follow the link to find our more about our 1919 Birth of a Modern Nation Conference that took place in March.

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The British Egyptian Society (BES), a registered UK charity, has existed since 1990 and was created by Ambassador Mohamed Shaker and Sir Michael Weir. The charity is run by 6 Trustees and a Supervisory Board of 16 members. The society was set up to enhance the Cultural and Educational links between the United Kingdom and Egypt in the belief that it would strengthen the understanding between these two Nations.



By Dr Ahmed El Mokadem

You are Not Only The Mother Of The World

But, You Are, In Fact, The World

To You My Most Beautiful Love, I Say:

May Your Unique Sun Bring You New Energies By Day

May Your Stunning Moon Softly Restore You At Night

May Your Refreshing Rain Wash Away Any Worries You Have

May Your Gentle Jasmine’s Breezes Restore Your Sacred Soul

And May Your Glorious Tomorrow Always Find You Feeling Better

The Day Before: Amin

Friends of the British Egyptian Society