BES Professional Network

BES Talk ``New Year Resolutions – Making it Happen``

The British Egyptian Professional Network held their first talk of 2022 on Friday 25th February

with Ms Amira Nassar

a certified senior life coach, facilitator and trainer

New Year resolutions are a long standing western AND eastern tradition – they give us a glimmer of hope and excitement. However, as time goes by, we seem either to forget about them or feel down-hearted by the fact that we have failed to stick to them. Year on year, many of us decide not to have any resolutions anymore – but are we missing out, is this the right attitude or do we simply need to learn how to commit?
So what happens to us? Why can’t we commit? Are resolutions for the New Year only or a life-long commitment to plan, organise, execute and enjoy? How can we make sure we stick to our plans? To guide us and answer our questions and hopefully make us see the light is our guest, Ms Amira Nassar.

BES Talk ``I Make This!``

In a most challenging year when the world has been faced with a global pandemic, economic downturn and political instability, a simple idea was born and started to grow. A new kind of marketplace was created using social media as a platform to reach new audience and sell all kinds of products and services for individual makers and small businesses. The idea grew so fast and “I make THIS!” evolved from a simple page on Facebook into a fully functioning website enabling more than 4000 women to introduce their businesses and boost their sales. “I Make THIS!” was created by and for women entrepreneurs, empowering them and giving them a chance not just to survive, but to thrive. Join us to hear from Rania Atef, the founder, and some of the talented makers who market their business via the platform. It is a true success story that is still evolving and taking shape. Mark your calendar!

BES Talk ``he International Luxury Brand from Egypt Discussion with Azza Fahmy's CEO – Fatma Ghaly``

Fatma Ghaly is a business development specialist with over nineteen years’ experience.

Having learnt at a very early age the rudiments of the family-owned enterprise, she strategically transformed the Azza Fahmy business from a home-grown brand to an international luxury designer house, employing over 250 people.
Fatma has driven the brand’s growth and success with her visionary leadership through expansion and cross-cultural collaborative projects. Her strong involvement in community development projects has won her entrepreneurial recognition by many regional and international organisations.
A key player in shaping the jewellery design and making sector in Egypt, she has been integral to the development of ‘The Design Studio by Azza Fahmy’ (DSAF) set up by her mother in 2013. Independently funded, the Cairo based educational training hub offers comprehensive curriculum-based courses for aspiring jewellery designers and students.
Fatma graduated from the Fine Arts in Cairo. She holds a master’s degree in Luxury Management from Bocconi University in Milan and Essec University in Paris. She is a fellow of the Aspen institute and is a founding member of the first Egyptian Fashion and Design Council (EFDC), aiming to provide opportunities for Egyptian designers to compete on the international level in quality, skills, and creativity.

BES Talk ``Heart Matters``

Last Friday on BES Talks we learnt about two great charities and the fantastic work they are doing; The Chain of Hope and the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation (MYF). There was GREAT turnout and amazing feedback, so thank you for all your support. We heard from Emma and Lisa about the fantastic international reach of Chain of Hope and from Zeina about the impressive growth of the Magdi Yacoub Foundation in Egypt. Our Vice-chairman, Dr. Magdy Ishak, who is also the acting CEO of MYF explained the inspiring and ambitious expansion plans from Aswan centre to Cairo. The new Cairo centre will serve not only Egyptians but the entire region, giving access to free medical treatment to children and adults with complex heart conditions.

BES Talk ``Tech for Non-Techies``

Eager to know more about CLOUD accounts,PASSWORDS,SECURITY and PRIVACY? Watch this recorded Zoom videoby our brilliant speaker Asser El-Ghoneimi and feel free to take screen shots:)

BES Talk ``British Education - Decoded - University Focus``

For any students, parents who are in the British Education System or even international students who would like to get into British Universities, this is an immensely useful talk with lots of resources and useful links and information to help you through the process.

BES Talk ``British Education Decoded``

Student in the UK? Got children in school and puzzled by one or more aspects of the British Education system? List yous questions here and we will make sure to answer them in our next BES Talk “British Education – Decoded

BES Talk ``A Journey to a Plastic-Free World Starts with YOU!``

Exploring the effects of plastic pollution on our planet and the collective efforts of individuals to help minimize the usage of plastic.
The talk includes a starter-kit to help individuals start their plastic-free journey in addition to a more into depth sustainable way of living.
If you are based in Egypt you can take part and help as well.

BES Talk ``Open Conversation With Egypt's Ironwoman Amany Khalil``

Open Conversation with Egypt’s Ironwoman, Amany Khalil
an athlete, a mother, an influencer and catalyst for change!
An energetic and vibrant talk that would keep you motivated and entertained!

BES Talk ``Ideas for the New Normal Home``

How can we optimise space for functionality without compromising great design? How do we create a home that provides a safe haven and at the same time makes us feel good even if we spend too much time in it?
What changes should we consider so as to make the new norm homes work best for us?

BES Talk ``How to be more productive and efficient?``

On 23rd March the lockdown started in the UK, and many of us moved from a standard routine and a usual structure of the day and week into a big blur. Everyday is the same that it could feel like being on a hamster wheel.
It can be difficult to stay productive when working from home with so many other distractions.
Did you know that how positive you feel directly impacts your productivity?

BES Talk ``Eat, Move and Be MERRY!``

With the stress of the lockdown and Ramadan, for those who celebrate it, many indulge in delicious unhealthy treats. Gyms are still closed, so our usual exercise routines are disrupted. As the lockdown partially lifts and the summer approaches, it’s time to get back on track and lead a healthier lifestyle. This Friday our BES talk will be about how to maintain a balanced diet and stay fit.

BES Talk ``Our Children in the time of COVID``

On March 20th 2020, schools were closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Our children were suddenly forced to stay home, giving up their education, activities and social life. Two months later and they’re still exposed to an endless stream of negative news. In addition, our children are trying to cope with homeschooling. How is all that affecting them physically and mentally? Join us for an insightful talk about how to understand and ensure your children’s wellbeing during the lockdown.

BES Talk ``Humor in Hadith``

Muslims are nowadays being stereotyped as humorless. Images
of burning flags and besieged embassies in the context of the
Danish cartoons published in 2005 were printed over and over
again to emphasize the grim humorless aspect.
As a result, an entire civilization and culture is being regarded as
devoid of humor and can simply be summarised by those blazing
eyes of the fundamentalists and their merciless harshness.
However, it is completely an unreal image at odds with the
humanity of the Muslim people and the abundant evidence of
humor in Islamic countries for many centuries. Evidence which
proves not only that Muslims have a sense of humor, but also that
they were not afraid to use their religious obligations to generate
laughs. This presentation provides some instances

BES Talk ``Eat like an Egyptian!``

With over 5000 years of culinary heritage, Egypt has over the millennia created and absorbed a variety of foods and produce. Our guest lecturers have spent the last couple of years researching Egypt’s rich culinary heritage for the latest issue of Rawi Magazine. This Friday you can whet your appetite with the fruits of their research.

BES Talk ``Emotional Resilience``

At these unprecedented times we live in, change is the only constant we experience. With changes to our daily routine and lifestyle, emotional resilience is an important tool to help us stay positive. Want to tackle stress, manage your fears and bounce back? Join us this week for an amazing opportunity with Executive coach and consultant Lindsay Paterson who will advise on the best tools to survive these challenging times.

BES Talk ``Food and Tents: Ramadan Kareem!``

To celebrate the start of the holy month, we are introducing a series of Ramadan specials. This will include not only our usual food for thought, but this time we have food for your table. For our first Ramadan special, we have two amazing speakers; Seif El Rashidi and Laurence Hamdan who will be fusing the joyful stories of tent making “Khayamiya” with contemporary Middle Eastern cuisine. Be prepared with your notebooks and pens as Laurence will be sharing two of his secret recipes. Yum!

BES Talk ``Covid-19- A view from the frontline``

During the COVID-19 pandemic, he was asked to develop and lead teams of surgeons and physicians from multiple specialties to help and support intensive care teams looking after the critically ill COVID-19 patients.

BES Talk ``Staying Connected``

BES’ Professionals Network is launching a series of virtual talks as of Monday next week.
The British Egyptian Society is at the heart, a COMMUNITY, and it’s at times like this, that we need to pull together and stay connected.