Holy Family in Egypt

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Holy Family in Egypt

5th February 2019 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Holy Family in Egypt

Egypt is the cradle of human civilization: A fact hardly contested among authoritative historians. Egypt also enjoys a focal geo-political position. Connecting Africa, Asia and Europe through the Mediterranean Sea. On its land, migrations of people, traditions, philosophies and religious beliefs succeeded each other for thousands of years. Evidence of this succession is still visible in the accumulation of monuments and sites attesting to a uniquely comprehensive cultural heritage. Indeed, one of the phenomena which shaped Egypt’s distinctive identity, and explains its pervasive influence on the then known world, was a dynamism that accommodated and re-formulated these successive cultures into one homogenous and harmonious Egyptian canvas. Egypt is one civilization woven of many strands. Threaded by successive and intertwining eras; and of these. The most luminous are, without doubt, the Pharaonic, the Graeco-Roman, The Coptic Christian, and the Islamic eras.

Because the Egyptian people are the essential product of this “harmony in diversity”, “otherness” has become an integral component of their awareness. A basic constituent of their national and cultural identity. This characteristic has yielded one important result: Egypt was, and still is, the land of refuge in the widest sense of the word. Register your interest at www.holyfamilyinegypt.com to know about organised trips to Egypt


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5th February 2019
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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